Grammar Mistakes: Rafael Nadal

Grammar Summary:

Find the grammar mistakes: Can you find 10 grammar mistakes in the first 4 minutes of this interview with tennis star Rafal Nadal?



Part 1: The mistakes


Part 2: The Corrections

1. "For sure it's gonna be really difficult."

In fact it's usually better to avoid the use of "gonna" unless you are an advanced English speaker.

"I've had a lot of long matches in my career."

He needs the Present Perfect tense here as he is referring to his career - which started in the past and continues to the present.

3. & 4.: "I started to play when I was 3 years old"

1) The verb 'start' + verb requires a verb in the infinitive or with the '' form. E.g. he could also say 'I started playing when I was 3 years old'.
2) We use the verb 'to be' for age, not 'to have'.

"My uncle was a tennis coach there."

He has forgotten the indefinite article "a".

"It's fabulous, life there"

The word 'life' can be countable or uncountable. Here it is uncountable - and in its general sense. Therefore we use the 'Zero Article'. It would also be more natural to say 'life there is fabulous'.

"They won't understand us for sure."

He could also say 'they're not gonna understand us'. Again it's usually better for non-native speakers to avoid the use of 'gonna' altogether.

8. & 9. "If people come from Barcelona to Majorca they're gonna be in trouble."

1) The word 'people' is plural. He should therefore use the singular form of the verb 'to come', which is 'come'.
2) As above for the use of 'gonna'.

10. "I wasn't lucky enough to watch Manolo Orantes play tennis".

He is confusing 'to have luck' and 'to be lucky'.

Rafa's grammar needs work in places. In particular, he needs to practice his Present Perfect tense and learn the correct forms of quantity (e.g. 'a couple of', 'a lot of'). He also misuses the word 'gonna'.

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