Common Mistakes: Jet Li (ii)

Part 2. Watch the second part of this interview with Jet Li; there are 8 more mistakes to find (9-16).


Common Mistakes: Jet Li (i)

Find the grammar mistakes: Part 1. Watch this interview with Chinese actor Jet Li. As you will hear, he makes some very common and avoidable grammar mistakes.

In this section there are 8 mistakes to find.


Zero Article for Buildings

Grammar lesson: What’s the difference between saying: “I’m going to college” and “I’m going to the college”? This lesson explains.

Zero Articles for Buildings: Exercise

Grammar exercise: Sometimes we don't need articles when talking about buildings. Use this exercise to practice your knowledge.
If you haven't already seen it, go to our lesson on Zero Articles for buildings.

Present Simple tense (Comprehension)

Interview with Princes William & Harry. Before Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton, he and his brother Harry trained together as army helicopter pilots.

Watch the interview and answer the grammar, comprehension and vocabulary questions below.


Stative Verbs: Comprehension

Reading Comprehension: Why are British people drinking less lager? Comprehension questions plus grammar (stative verbs) and vocabulary.
Open the article and answer the questions below. Article link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17211485

In this article we’re looking closely at Present Simple tense, and in particular: “Stative Verbs”, which are very common in English.

There is, there are6m11s

There is, there are

23 May 2012

Video lesson on the uses of "There is" and "there are". How confident are you using this expression in the positive / question / negative form and in different tenses?

Watch this lesson to find out.

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There is, there are: exercise 15m19s

Video exercise on the use of "there is" and "there are". With special illustrations, to help you think in English. See also the video lesson on this subject.

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Job Interview (iii): Articles

Part 3. Grammar focus: Articles. Read the final part of the interview and fill in the gaps with one of the following: 'A', 'An', 'The' or 'Zero Article (Ø)'.

Job Interview (ii): Linking Words

Part 2. (Continuation from Part 1.) The goal of the exercise is to find 'linking words and expressions'. Here the candidate gives examples of his work in his current job.

Fill in the gaps in the conversation below with the following linking words / expressions:

'actually'  -   'although'  -   'apart from'  -   'especially'  -   'in order to'  - 'in the end'  -   'now'  -   'sure'  -   'well'  -   'which means that'.

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     Countable and uncountable nouns 

     Countable and Uncountable
     Learn the two key rules

     "The": Special Uses
      "The": Special Uses
      10 special uses of 'the' here

     Phrasal Verbs - Part 1 

     Phrasal Verbs Part 1
     Each example with a picture

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