Present Simple tense (Comprehension)

Grammar Summary:

Interview with Princes William & Harry. Before Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton, he and his brother Harry trained together as army helicopter pilots.

Watch the interview and answer the grammar, comprehension and vocabulary questions below.



A. Grammar questions:

1. What is the most used verb tense in this interview?

2. Give 5 examples of the above tense.

3. What is the second most used verb tense in this interview?

4. Give 2 examples of the above tense.

B. Comprehension questions:

5. True or false: The princes say they will never live with each other again.

6. True or false: Prince Harry (right) takes more responsibilities for household chores.

7. What has caused Prince William to lose sleep recently?



1. Answer: Present Simple tense  

William is talking mainly about daily routines - so uses Present Simple.

2. Examples as follows (7 in total): 
- "Bearing in mind I cook [for] him and feed him basically every day..." (0.07)
- "He does do a bit of the washing up then he leaves most of it in the sink and then it comes back in the morning and I have to wash it up..."
- "He snores a lot as well - it keeps me up all night long"

3. Answer: Present Perfect tense
Used for referring to the "unfinished past".

4. Examples:
- "It's been a fairly emotional experience." (0.03)

- "I think he's done rather well" (0.08)

5. Answer: True
Harry says this is the first and last time they will be living together. (0.02)

6. Answer: True
William says he cooks for his brother and does most of the washing up.

7. Answer:
Prince Harry's snoring. (0.20)

Grammar notes One more grammar question: Why does William say: "he does do a bit of the washing up"? Answer: For emphasis and to contradict the listener's expectation. Another example: "Even though his results are bad I do still think he will improve."

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