When Tigers Invade

Grammar Summary:

Reading Comprehension: What do you do if your village is under threat from endangered species? (With grammar notes on Present Perfect and Past Simple plus vocab). 
Open the article and answer the questions below. Article link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-17037399

Grammar questions: 

Lesson B

1. How many examples of Present Perfect tense are there in this article?

2. How many examples of Past Simple tense are there in this article?

3. What’s the difference between the two tenses?

4. How many time expressions can you find with the above tenses?


5. Find three verbs in the article conveying the meaning “to decrease”.


6. Which of the following statements is correct?
   a. The villagers have moved because of the constant threat of tiger attacks.
   b. The villagers have moved to create more space for the tigers to breed.

7. True or false: Tiger numbers are increasing, despite poaching and conflicts with people living nearby.



1. Answer: 4 examples
   - “has been relocated” (Paragraph 1)
   - “have shrunk” (p.4)
   - “There have been” (p.14)
   - “have helped” (p.16)

2. Answer: 10
   - “moved” x 2
   - “there were estimated to be” (p.5)
   - “told”
   - “said” x 3
   - “told”
   - “dropped” (p.12)
   - “poisoned” (p.14)

3. Time expressions:
   - Present Perfect x 1: “in recent decades” (p.4)
   - Past Simple x 2:
     a. “A century ago” (p.5)
     b. “in 2002” (p.12)
     c. “A few years ago” (p.14)

4. Answer: Present Perfect generally describes the past leading to the present. (Or a past event which is relevant now.)Past Simple describes a finished event in the past.


5. Answers:
   a. “had dwindled” (p.3)
   b. “have shrunk” (p.4)
   c. “dropped” (p.14)


6. Answer: b

John says Although the article mentions tiger attacks, some villagers are being paid to move so that tigers have improved habitats. See paragraph 6.

7. Answer: True
See paragraph 15.

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