Irregular Verbs

Lesson 16. It's so much easier to practice irregular verbs with someone. Watch and listen to John as he works through the top 50 irregular verbs. You can also download an MP3 for your iPod / mobile phone.

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Lesson transcript

Hi, for this lesson I've prepared a list of the top 50 irregular verbs in English, and what we'll do is that each further check the infinitive form, so 'to do', the past simple form, so 'did' and the past and to simple so 'have done'

Now, the best way to use this lesson is to watch it lots of times until you're able to say each example with me.

So let's get started – and here is the first 10 of our top 50.

1. Become.
Past simple is 'became'. Past participle is  'have become'

2. Begin.
Past simple is 'began'.
Past participle is 'have begun'

3. Bring, brought, and have brought

4. Buy, bought, have bought

5. Come, came, have come. (We can also say 'have been').

6. Do, did, have done

7. Drink, drank, have drunk

8. Drive,  drove, have driven

9. Eat, ate, have eaten

10. Fall, fell, have fallen

11. Feel, felt, have felt

12. Find, found, have found

13. Forget, forgot, have forgotten

14. Get, got, have got.  (In American English we can also say 'have gotten') although it's slightly informal.

15. Give, gave, have given

16. Go, went, have gone. (We can also say 'have been'.)

17. Have, had, have had

18. Hear, heard, have heard

19. Hurt, hurt, have hurt

20. Keep, kept, have kept

21. Know, knew, have known

22. Leave, left, have left

23. Let, let, have let

24. Lie, lay, have lain

25. Make, made, have made

26. Meet, met, have met

27. Pay, paid, have paid

28. Put, put, have put

29. Read, read, have read. (And be careful of the difference in pronunciation between 'read' and 'read' [past]

30. Run, ran, have run

31. Say, said, have said

32. See, saw, have seen

33. Sell, sold, have sold

34. Send, sent, have sent

35. Sing, sing, have sung

36. Sit, sat, have sat

37. Sleep, slept, have slept

38. Speak, spoke, have spoken

39. Spend, spent, have spent

40. Stand, stood, have stood

41. Swim, swam, have swum

42. Take, took, have taken

43. Teach, taught, have taught

44. Tell, told, have told

45. Think, thought, have thought

46. Understand, understood, have understood

47. Wake, woke, have woken

48. Wear, wore, have worn

49. Win, won, have won

50. Write, wrote, have written.

So that's the end of our top 50 irregular verbs.

Join me in the next lesson where we'll start to look at future tenses.

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